Check PNR Status Online

Before going to see the different methods to check the PNR status, I will first give you a brief overview of the PNR number and how to use it for checking the current status of the ticket.

The passenger name record, in short, called as the PNR number is a unique number which contains the passenger information and their journey details. This PNR number is widely used especially in the travel industry like railways, flights, etc. The Indian railways PNR status is used to know the current booking status of the train ticket. Here we will only talk about the PNR in relation to the Indian Railways and IRCTC.

Methods to Check the PNR Status

Not everyone lucky enough to get confirmation reserved berth in the trains. Some will get a waitlisted ticket. In this case, one has to know the latest update on the ticket. There is one more peculiar case where the passenger has to check for the update.… Read More


Spot Your Train

Everyone in India might have traveled at least once in the Indian railways. One of the most common problems with the Indian railways is that they never arrive at the station in time. On average, a train will be delayed by 30mins to 2 hours. Most of the times the Indian railway tracks are busy with the trains and on top of that the bad track conditions add up to the delays. Under these circumstances, the passengers who are traveling on the train and also their family members want to know at what time the train will reach their destination station.

The national train enquiry system(NTES) of Indian Railways has come up with a great feature called the train running status which provides the tracking of the live location of running rail.

Live Train Running Status

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Indian Railway Services

The IPAB protects the intellectual properties of the Indian railways. The assets of Indian railways like trains, railway stations, tracks, websites, and all others are safeguarded strictly. Both tangible and intangible assets are clearly explained in this article.

The Indian railway is the cheapest mode of the transport system and is one of the biggest networks across the globe. The railway track is laid across all over the India which connects every city. It runs many different types of trains which can be broadly classified into goods, passenger and luxury cars.

The Indian railway owns the largest land freight system and the goods train is the one which carries bulk loads of heavy materials for small to big corporate companies. On the other hand, passenger and luxury trains serve as a transport system for human beings. However, there is a huge difference between passenger and luxury trains fare.

Indian Railways

The core services offered by the Indian railways are ticket booking, PNR status checking, time table, live train status, and fare calculation.… Read More