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Before going to see the different methods to check the PNR status, I will first give you a brief overview of the PNR number and how to use it for checking the current status of the ticket.

The passenger name record, in short, called as the PNR number is a unique number which contains the passenger information and their journey details. This PNR number is widely used especially in the travel industry like railways, flights, etc. The Indian railways PNR status is used to know the current booking status of the train ticket. Here we will only talk about the PNR in relation to the Indian Railways and IRCTC.

Methods to Check the PNR Status

Not everyone lucky enough to get confirmation reserved berth in the trains. Some will get a waitlisted ticket. In this case, one has to know the latest update on the ticket. There is one more peculiar case where the passenger has to check for the update. When booking a ticket in IRCTC website, then the passenger can mark the auto upgrade option. In this scenario, even if the passenger ticket is confirmed, it might be upgraded to a higher class if there are any berths available.

The most frequently used methods to check the PNR status are listed below:

PNR Status Online

Internet becomes very cheap over the last few years and everyone has access to it. The passenger has to just open the browser from his mobile or from desktop and open the Indian Railway PNR website. In this page, the passenger has to enter the 10 digit number, solve the captcha and then hit on the submit button. The railway website displays the current berth details along with the train and journey details.

There are many other websites available online where the passengers can check for the PNR status. These websites have made the process simpler by removing the captcha.

The passenger can check as many times as he wants. The important thing to remember here is that the status is not finalized until the chart is not prepared. Meanwhile, the status can be changed at any time. Once, the chart is finalized, there are no further modifications will be done.

Track with SMS

Have a mobile with you? Just by sending an SMS from your mobile we can know the confirmation details, train schedule and many more. To get the berth confirmation, SMS your PNR number to 139. Passenger can also dial the 139 IVR service. The drawback of this is method is that it costs you a little bit. To avoid this, you can add the MakeMyTrip WhatsApp number,7349389104, to your contact list and track the update on your ticket.

IRCTC Portal

As more number of Indians are using the internet and booking the tickets online on the IRCTC website, the PNR Status checking featured has been implemented on the IRCTC portal. The one thing that should be noted is that the PNR Status can be checked for only the tickets that are booked on the IRCTC portal. The status of the tickets that are booked at the railway stations cannot be tracked with this option.

Login to the IRCTC portal and then go to My Account -> My Transactions -> Booked Transaction History. This page will display all the Tickets that you have booked on the IRCTC website. Select the transaction for which you want to know the latest update. At the bottom, you will find the Get PNR Status button. Now click on the button to get the latest update on the ticket.

Mobile Applications

There are many railway mobile applications available on the play store which can be installed in our mobile applications. These apps can be used to get information about the trains like the time table, fare enquiry, live position of running train and booking updates of the ticket. It is recommended to install the official applications published by the Indian Railways and IRCTC. We suggest you install the IRCTC app through which you can book the tickets as well.

Booking Status at Railway Stations

This is the least used method out of all the ones listed here. You have to go to the railway station and have to ask the railway employee who actually books the tickets to know the updates. In most of the railway stations, there are automated computer systems through which we can get the updates. We just have to follow the menu on these systems.

Once the chart is prepared, the railway staff takes the printouts of all the waitlisted or RAC tickets whose status has changed to confirm. The staff sticks the printouts on the platform board on which the train arrives. At the time of boarding the train, the passenger can check the board and get the latest update.

We have listed out all the different ways to check the PNR status. Now it is your turn to choose the right one as per your convenience. Most of the passengers use the online method to check the status and that is why it listed at the top on the list.

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