Indian Post Office Features and Tracking

In India, there are many courier companies which deliver the packages from one location to another location. One of the popular courier companies in India is the Indian post office. The two popular mail types are the speed post and registered post. The Indian post office speed post tracking feature can be used to get the status of the courier. In this article, we will discuss the features and also know the steps to track the speed post.

Indian Post Office Mail Types

The mails are broadly categorized into three different types which are premium, domestic and international. The premium mails are costlier and they are delivered quickly. The domestic mails are delivered within India and they are cheaper compared to other types. The name international itself says that the mails are delivered to international locations through the EMS speed post.

Speed Post

The speed post is the most widely used type of mail of Indian post office. It can be used to send letters within India and to international locations. When compared to other types of mails, this is very costly. However, this is the cheapest one compared to private courier companies. The price of the speed post starts at Just Rs.15. One advantage with this is that the delivery status can be tracked online using the speed post tracking feature.

We can calculate the price to send a package online using the calculate and compare postage feature on the Indian postal website. Businesses can use this mail service and can get great discounts on bulk parcels.

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Registered Post

The registered post is used to send official letters like newspapers, government documents, and business packages. After delivering the document, the postman takes the signature of the addressee to get delivery confirmation. This serves as the delivery proof for the sender.

Express Parcel

This is a time-bound and premium air express service. Both individuals and contractors can use this parcel service. E-commerce players can get a huge benefit with this type of mail, the Indian post office is giving cash on delivery facility for up to Rs.50,000.

Logistics Post

This service provides the entire supply chain management right from collection, warehousing and distributing the packages. There is no small customer for the Indian post office. Customers can send one parcel or more than one at a time. These packages can occupy a portion of the truck or the entire truck. The customer will be given a choice of mode of transport. The goods can be transmitted either through the rail or truck or by flight as per the customer requirements.

Domestic Mail Service

The domestic mail service is widely used to send letters across the country. A wide variety of mails like letters, book packet, newspaper, inland letter, postcard, etc can be sent using this service. Depending on the length of the message, the appropriate type can be selected to send the mail.

EMS Speed Post

This is another type of speed post which is especially for sending letters to international locations. This can be booked in any post office in India. The good part is that this also comes with the tracking feature. The important point to remember is that there is a weight restriction depending on the country to which the parcel needs to be sent. Also, there are only certain items allowed to be packed. In case, if the EMS items are damaged the Indian post office pays up to 30 SDR to the customer.

So far we have seen the different mail types and also covered which one to use depending on the usage. The Indian postal department has so many other features which are not possible to cover here. We will just provide an overview of the other services here.

The book now pays later is a peculiar feature where one can send the package and can pay the money after its get delivered. This feature is only available for businesses who send bulk mails. The business people have to register for the credit facility at the post office.

Tools like track & trace, calculate postage, compare services and locate post offices are quite useful when sending a letter. The Indian post office has a huge database of pin codes which comes in handy when writing an address on the envelope. To conclude, the postal department provides a great features at an affordable price which is quite useful for the common man in India.

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